Alexa Skill “Memo Mail”

Whoever likes to use his email inbox as a todo / task list, will like this skill:

“Memo Mail” sends spoken messages to your email account as text.


The skill makes use of the mail address which is linked to your Alexa account. You are therefore asked to grant permission when activating the skill.

Voice commands

  • One shot command: “Alexa start Memo Mail and send me the text: remember the milk“ (this will work only for short text messages)

  • Two step usage: “Alexa start Memo Mail“ (Alexa will then ask for the text to be sent. This will work for longer text messages too)


Hint: The shorter the spoken message the better Alexa will understand what you say.

Hint: The subject line of the email contains the symbol ‘📎’ and a tag “[MemoMail]” which may be useful if you make use of filter rules within your mail application

Skill store

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