Alexa Skill “Stadtplan” / “Metropolis”

The Alexa skill “Metropolis“ (German version: “Stadtplan“) shows maps of cities and places from all over the world using the service from HERE Maps. Of course you need a device with display to make use of this skill.

Results and navigation elements are presented differently depending on the device used.

Voice commands

When looking at a map you have a number of options for navigation:

  • “Zoom In”
  • “Zoom Out”
  • “Go North”
  • “Go South”
  • “Go West”
  • “Go East”
  • “Go to London / Paris / New York / Sidney”

Start the skill:

  • “Alexa open Metropolis”
  • “Alexa, ask Metropolis for a map of New York”


Skill store

Find “Stadtplan” / “Metropolis” within your local Skill Store:

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